Nice things others have to say...

“Larissa is an exceptionally gifted writer.  She is also an extremely careful and methodical writer.  Her voice is singular in its attention to mind, body, history, and identity.  The mix in Larissa’s writing of a quite original colloquial language and straight forward “hard hitting” prose, with the addition of a subtle and wonderfully surprising humor, creates the intricate balance characteristic of her work.  The narrator/protagonist in her prose is invariably someone the reader becomes fascinated by, and feels a strong, almost yearning, affinity for.”

                                            - Jessica Grim, poet, author of Vexed, and Locale

“Larissa’s style is distinctive, elegant, and truly impressive.  She uses description extensively, but gives it the force of narrative flow. The characters come alive, as does the setting….”

                      - Shirley G. Cochrane, author of Letters to the Quick, Letters to the Dead

“Larissa’s work… I can only describe as fresh, creative, and powerful. Larissa is a sincere and dedicated writer who expresses her thoughts with amazing clarity. If Lunch Hour Books published experimental fiction, I would not hesitate to promote a collection of Larissa’s work.”

                                              - Nina Bayer, Editor.  Lunch Hour Books

About  her  performances of Breaking English

About her writing

“Larissa established a wonderful rapport with her audience... I appreciated the fluidity with which she transitioned from one performance genre to the next; one moment she was crouched on the floor with a Korean drum, and the next she was laughing at a childhood photo of herself making faces at the camera.  All throughout the evening, her wonderful and quirky humor (a photo of a prancing unicorn popped on the screen when she described her surprise at finding a fellow Korean during her travels to the southernmost tip of Brazil), moved her audience to laughter and, at more serious moments, tinged some of her family’s most painful experiences with a poignance I found tremendously beautiful... What a fantastic event!”

                                  - Mia Ayumi Malhotra, Associate Editor, Lantern Review

“ Larissa is a talented, witty, inspiring and a colorful individual. She really drew me into her world, with such authentic substance. An intimate introduction to her (family) life reassures me that we all can endure and overcome the tragic obstacles that we all might come to face.”

“ Larissa's spoken word piece was intriguing and inspiring.”

About  her  teaching

From student evaluations at the University of Washington, Creative Writing Program:

“I loved this class… it really caused me to think about myself and the projects assigned.”

“Larissa is very intelligent and knows her stuff.  Informative, great information distributed.”

“The class was open to new ideas and Larissa did an excellent job of encouraging experimental and original ideals/methods of writing.”

“Larissa has a good presence and direct way of putting her ideas forward.”

“Teaching methods - very creative, different media, different strategies, etc - it was one of the best taught classes I’ve taken.”