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If you would like to work together or become a patron of the arts, Larissa is available for creative collaborations and for contract projects. Contact her regarding your professional editing and writing needs (commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction developmental and line editing, coaching, copywriting and editing, technical and web-content, private instruction etc.), or other commercial and creative ventures.  She is glad to discuss ideas and evaluate how she may be able to help you fulfill your goals. 

Though she will not do your laundry or work for wages scaled to India, she has a sliding-fee for causes, organizations and ideas worth supporting, and has been known to accept the occasional cookie (see handy chart here).

She also accepts sponsorships: PAYPAL for The Artist Fund(fund her inner sustenance & she’ll send you a thank-you postcard with image of choice), FLATTR, or other in-kind contributions in support of projects Breaking English and Wondering Gondwana (ex: below).  If you feel you can sponsor, click on the buttons provided & while doing so you may ponder the state of our human condition, or the way art & beauty seep through everything around us in all sorts of ways, growing roots like the long hair of mermaids spending light through each ocean pool, each salt dream.


She’ll do anything to make the world a more brilliant version of itself.

Vibrance Rosalie Pulla and Joyce Kruithof arranged and enabled a working retreat to Lopez Island, part of the magical San Juan Archipelago.  Just enough to taste, unfurl ideas and tuck them back in before heading back into the world..Thank you!

$10 receive a postcard with image of choice. Larger amounts

receive more images!

Flattr is a form of micro-payments

fueled by those who like my work.

Support by clicking above.  To learn more, visit Flattr.com

Seonglae Cho for generously donated translation services for documents in Korean... in addition to invaluable Korean lessons.  Thank you, Seonglae!  We’ll miss you!

Arthur Wongtchowski for technical support for the operation of this website, as well as top-notch concert tickets, so that the artistic soul is well-fed. Muito obrigada!

Bunny Rabbits are cute.  So are Belugas.  Belugas fly through space like squishy white torpedoes.  I much prefer ads about belugas or human-head chewing bunnies.  If I were a Google ad, I’d be about flying belugas, fearsome fuzzies, or vegetarian polar bears (not something boring like how to grow thin, rich, or famous).  Vegetarian polar bears would be quite nice: they’d be cosmically round, and not taint their fur with the blood of seals - sea puppies with round moon eyes. Horses are not bad either: Icelandic horses rock, with their bubble bodies and bad-ass manes.

David Simmons,for sharing his literary reading skills. David Simmons is a frequent reader and unfailing editor. Gracias!





Amlon Tutors for donating Adobe Creative Suite so that I may explore creative projects in the online medium, incorporate graphic elements with literary art in more ever more powerful & exciting ways, and finetune my photography. Thank you!

Tanya Valenti for the beautiful flowers which lent a perfect end to a beautiful evening.

For the generous financial contribution via Paypal towards the project Breaking English & Wondering Gondwana:

Timothy Chow

Krista Conner  

Liliane Min  

Mike Wiemuth, and

Maarten van Horenbeeck


& others for contribution

via Flattr.

Muito obrigada!

Pyong Gap Min, professor of sociology at CUNY - Queens College, for granting me his time and expertise in my research into Korean, Korean-American and diaspora studies.  감사합니다!

Pina Kim for collecting, processing and mailing invaluable photographs of the Korean colony of Santa Maria from her family’s own records, so that we may have a more complete visual record of the first Korean colony of Santa Maria in the state of Parana, Brazil. MUITO Obrigada!

Anna McKee, Seattle visual artist and recorder of memory, for providing valuable insight, wise counsel and support in my Antarctica project research.  I’m truly thankful for the encouragement for a unique path.  See her work (including some of her ice drawings at www.annamckee.com .

Elise Engler, New York Visual artist for sharing her insights and providing counsel and support in my Antarctica project research.  See her work (including her Antarctica drawings) at eliseengler.com

Chris Linder, science and nature photographer, for sharing his insights and experiences in support of my Antarctica project research.  I’m so thankful for the thoughtful and kind counsel. Check out his NEW book Science on Ice and his work at www.chrislinder.com .

If I were an AD, I’d be here.

But I’m not.

Is that not a relief, for the both of us?

Hire, nurture, and feed artists.              

Recent Patron-of-the-Arts:

Anthony Powell, New Zealand photographer and filmmaker, for sharing generous insights and counsel in preparation for my Antarctic journey. So thankful for the generosity that extends across continents, and the mutual love of the ice! See his gorgeous film chronicling 10 years of winter in Antarctica at www.antarcicimages.com

Henry Kaiser, guitarist, composer and Antarctic diver,  for reaching out with amazing and unexpected good will and mentorship. Sometimes, one’s path reach the stage of nurturing the development of others, or allowing oneself to be nurtured.  Thank you!

Thank You!

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