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Deception Pass, Photo by Larissa Min

Velocity Made Good:

Now a 2013 Whiteley Center Visiting Scholar at Friday Harbor Laboratories of the University of Washington.


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Now the recipient

of a Women Authoring Change Radclyffe   

Hall Fellowship and Residency from Hedgebrook Foundation

Now the happy recipient of an Antarctic Artist and Writers grant from the National Science Foundation.

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Wondering Gondwana!

Now selected as a recipient of a 2013 Fulbright Fellowship 
from the 
U.S. Dept 
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"No one

has imagined us.

We want to live

like trees,

sycamores blazing through the sulfuric air,

dappled with scars, still exuberantly budding,

our animal passion rooted

in the city."

   --Adrienne Rich


Thank you:

Timothy Chow & Krista Conner & Liliane Min &

Mike Wiemuth for the generous donation

Henry Kaiser, Anthony Powell, Chris Linder,

Anna Mckee and Elise Engler for sharing wise council and support in my Antarctica research

Evie Wilsonlingbloom, researcher extraordinaire,

for generously finding seas of information for Breaking English

Alberto Lee for granting me a critical interview

in support of the Breaking English project.

Pina Kim for collecting and mailing invaluable photographs of the Korean colony of Santa Maria

Pyong Gap Min, sociologist, for granting me his expertise in my research of diaspora

Anonymous for the contribution via Flattr

Vibrance Rosalie Pulla & Joyce Kruithof

for an artist retreat to Lopez Island

Recipient of a

2013 fellowship at Instituto SACATAR on the island of Itaparica,

Bahia, Brazil.


Feature piece released in the Antarctic Sun on project Wondering Gondwana

 Presenting  at the Goethe Institut in Salvador Bahia, Brazil, Sept 30, 2013. Visio Atelier Eneida Sanches

Now the recipient of a 2013 Artist Trust Grant and recipient of a 2014 Seattle City Artist Award.