Breaking English is a creative nonfictional account of my family's migration from Korea to Brazil and then the US, as a lens through which to examine the experiences of global migration, displacement and remembering. Through image and word it raises issues about identity, belonging, loss, home, fact and fiction, and how these combine in the process of remembrance and recovery. This project uses creative writing to tell a story in order to complicate the process of crafting a narrative, as imagination and desire mingle in the making of meaning and memory.



Breaking English

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Wondering Gondwana

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Wondering Gondwana  looks at the intersections of development, conservation and global climate change from a developing world's perspective in two of the last wild places in the world. It combines a narrative of Antarctica with one of a fictional girl living in poverty in Amazonia as a way to examine the dynamics of development, conservation, social justice and global climate change between seemingly separate but delicately poised and interconnected regions. While separated geographically and perceptually, these ecosystems are interlinked and subject to the effects of human activity. By placing these places alongside each other I hope to contrast delicate realities and processes, highlight how we imagine and treat these regions, and articulate the concrete impact our "wonderings"

  1. -or lack thereof - may have in

the state of the world, from global poverty to global

climate change.

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Pressure Ridges, Aerial view, Antarctica Photo by Larissa Min